OCTOBER 1st  10.30 @ St Luke’s Church         Come and say Thank you Lord!

Harvest is when we thank God for God’s blessings  You bring your best as a thank and praise offering.

We do not deserve Blessings it’s because God loved us so much that he sent Jesus to pay a price for our adoption and remove the wages of Sin.
Jesus told us to Love one another  You CAN do that  on OCTOBER 1st  by bringing  Tins and other non perishables Sugar,Nappies for Norwich Foodbank

If it was you wouldn’t you want the best available,please bring quality in date goods  NO Homemade Jam  or Baked Beans please.

How about a three Can trick  Father Son and Holy Spirit?

Please Contribute Produce too!      9 Carrots as an expression of  The Treasure of Redemption?  Sometimes I am not Loving  but I LEEK?

We also support Saints in Action at St Augustine’s

City Saints in Action includes
Monday club 12.30- 2 pm St Augustine’s’Church Hall.-open table lunch, free to all
The Blessing Vans – available on request to help serve the community.
Gods’ Provisions food store- help us to help those in real need.
House to Home- Halas’ project helping Asylum seekers and refugees especially in the transition. Drop in at the Stage Thursday and Friday afternoons -4pm support and advocacy.
Strands – Social group Saturdays fortnightly @ St Augustines’ Church Hall. 4pm-7pm
“Turn around Stays and ” “Move on” Projects at Finchams’ Farm
Crisis support – practical help and advice for a crisis.

and The Luncheon Club held in St Luke’s on Wednesdays with produce

The Lunch Club at St Luke’s Church in Norwich provides a nutritious two course meal for elderly people in the community, as well as good company and a varied programme of entertainment.

THIS YEAR We are doing a Cafe Style Service  and learning how we can be accredited as an Eco Church
God gave us stewardship over his creation ,we are using more than Earth can replenish,small changes can reap big rewards

FUN FACT If you lived Medieval England  You Never Ate Chips!


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