HARVEST FESTIVAL 30th September 2018

  Celebrate how GOD has blessed you! Cans for FOODBANK   long sell by dates,no home made jam please NETWORK NORWICH Has an up to date shopping list  red items are needed most        https://www.trusselltrust.org/get-help/find-a-foodbank/norwich/ Everything you need to know if you want help or want to give help Maybe your year has been sad?  Lost Read more about HARVEST FESTIVAL 30th September 2018[…]


St Luke’s supports NORWICH FOODBANK  throughout the year and  makes special effort at HARVEST This is a list of what is required  permanently,please check the NetworkNorwich page for what is in short supply.y http:/www.networknorwich.co.uk/Articles/210559/Network_Norwich_and_Norfolk/Partners/Norwich_Foodbank/Admin_Articles/What_food_do_we_need.aspx Should you be in need you can find links on the page or you can speak to the local coordinator or incumbent Read more about SHOPPING LIST for FOODBANK[…]