August 21, 2016

Sunday Services

 Sunday mornings 10.30

Our Sunday morning congregation at St Luke’s is a relaxed and inclusive church for people of all ages in an open evangelical tradition. We always have a worship time where we sing a variety of Christian songs, from hymns to more up to date songs. We also have children’s work. There is a youth group for young people in school years 7-13 and a group for the younger children too. Every 5th Sunday of the month there is an all age service. There is always a sermon, as well as readings and liturgy led from the front. The atmosphere is informal with the emphasis being on connecting with God and each other. There is a communion service every other week led by our vicar, David Austin.

C3  Sunday evening 6.30 pm

C3 is a close knit group where there is a strong desire for a sense of belonging and community; where a group share and journey together and are not simply ‘consumers’ of whatever religious services are on offer.

Each second sunday of the month 15 people meet drawn from many places with the following aims:

To facilitate the emergence of the activating wisdom of Christ within us, and to act upon that wisdom, sharing it and living by it as individuals and as a community.

To welcome others into our community and to provide a safe place for them to communicate their truth.

To encourage spiritual practice as a way of personal and corporate transformation.

To be more than consumers: to be people who are committed to giving and receiving in all aspects of life.

The Community is founded on the basis that, both individually and corporately, we become more whole though our openness to each other. The focal point of the Community is the weekly Christ Consciousness Communions at St. Luke’s at 18:30 on Sunday. These are planned and led by members of the community. Other opportunities to worship and learning experiences are also envisaged, as well as a commitment to living out our relationship with the wider community, as and when we are led so to do.

Monthly Peace Meditation

Every second Sunday of the month there is a prayer meeting run by Denise Treissman. This happens at 5.15- 6.15pm downstairs at St Luke’s. More information can be found on her site